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Airtel Free Internet


hello friends,  after a job looking for free internet tricks airtel, I can say that we can have completely unlimited internet. If you have a 4g or 3g Android phone, you can enjoy free internet.

These free internet methods that we will share in this tutorial, works perfectly on airtel on android devices, in all regions.

Necessary requirements For Airtel Free Internet Trick

👍Then he indicated some requirements to have free internet in airtel:

  1. ☑ Enable sim card Airtel 3G and 4G LTE
  2. ☑ No credit is required on the mobile device
  3. ☑ Activate APN
  4. ☑ Data Pack Required (whatsapp or
  5. ☑ Android Mobile (version 4.0 and more)
  6. ☑ Good internet speed
  7. ☑ Patience to configure the tricks of internet free

How to have free Internet Trick of Airtel

To have free internet in AIRTEL, you have to activate a basic data plan. Today I’m going to show you the Airtel free internet tricks that everyone is using, but they do not share.

Airtel free internet Tricks (All Methods 2019)

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Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using WebTunnel App:


  • Before you start, you have to download VPN Over HTTP Tunnel: WebTunnel Google Play
  • After the successful installation, open the application, perform the following configuration.
  • select a free list server in the application
  • Set port 80 for the configuration
  • Change : Header Host to
  • Set the host proxy if necessary and in port 80
  • Then select the SSL protocol
  • activate the data connection 📶
  • Finally touch on connect to establish the free connection
  • You will now enjoy Airtel free internet with Web Tunnel

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using WebTunnel App

You can surf the entire Android device, completely free. Everything is easy, and fast

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using Troid Vpn


To have airtel free internet trick Troid VPN you have to perform the following steps correctly:

  • Download Troidvpn here: Google Play
  • After installing the application on your android phone,start the application, and in advanced settings do the following:
  • Then tick on (Use Proxy for TCP Connection)
  • Proxy Host: o 
  • Proxy port: 3128
  • Header: host:

In click on Save and write below config
Rport: 443

Lport :  0

Moreover, Select TCP and at last click on (Connect)
Finally, Your Device will be connected now you can access Airtel free internet.

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using Troid Vpn

This application has a data limit of 100MB per day, but it is enough to be able to navigate in pages like: facebook, google, twitter, instagram, wikipedia, etc.

Airtel Free Internet Trick By using Droid Vpn


Now we are going to configure Droid VPN to have Airtel free internet. In this application you have to register, this is very easy here we show you how:

  1. Download the application here and register.
  2. After installing the app, it is essential that you initiate a session with your created account
  3. You have to be able to remember your username and password 
  4. With this free account droidvpn provides you limited Airtel free internet

Airtel Free Internet Trick By using Droid Vpn

Go to settings within the app and configure the following:

Settings >TCP and HTTP >Click on Send HTTP Headers to TCP.

and just after in HTTP header, Click on Generator at Left Bottom Corner of your screen.
Enter in URL/Host. Protocol request method: Connect

Injection method: NORMAL, Select Online Host and Forward Host.

After performing all the procedures Return to the DroidVpn main screen, select the TCP tab.

Airtel Free Internet Trick By using Droid Vpn

Activate the mobile data, and touch the connect button, Droid Vpn will establish the connection of the VPN Tunnel. After establishing the connection you will be able to surf the internet for free.

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using HTTP INJECTOR 

To have free internet on the android mobile, you have to know how to configure the http injector application correctly. you have to install the http injector application in the original version of google play, it does not contain errors. The servers http injector airtel you can search it on our facebook page: HACK 2000 EL MUNDO DEL INTERNET 

HTTP injector is the most complete way to have free internet in the android cell phone, with its advanced settings make this the best application to inject the connections. It allows you to connect to servers around the world and provide the full freedom of internet browsing. For you to create a server http injector to have free internet on your cell phone, it is necessary to create an ssh account. On the web there are many pages that allow us to create ssh accounts of 7 days, even 30 days. But if you want to hire a premium account and the internet speed will be much faster.

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using HTTP INJECTOR 

How to create an ssh account for http injector

The ssh accounts are very easy to do, if you need an ssh account for free internet airtel visit this tutorial in Spanish:

Crear server para http injector

Requirements for Airtel internet free with http injector

you must take into account the following requirements so that the application works correctly:

  1. server ehi for http injector (ssh account)
  2. Configure the payload with the available host in the airtel company
  3. 3G connection or if you prefer 4G lte
  4. It is not a requirement to be a root user
  5. Activate google Dns ( and select connect via ssh

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using HTTP INJECTOR 

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using HTTP INJECTOR 

If you have done all the steps, the http injector application may connect very quickly. Remember that the servers have a deadline expiration is important to be aware of new servers for http injector.

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using Anonytun Pro


The anonytun application is the best to connect to the internet for free through its high-speed servers. I am very pleased to be able to tell you about this excellent application. Anonytun is similar to Psiphon Pro. The advantage of using anonytun pro is that it can be camouflaged and undetectable for phone companies. On the web you can find different versions of anonytun like: Anonytun pro, anonytun lite, anonytun pro handler, etc.

After installing the application, you can configure it in the way that works best for you.

The trick of internet free in anonytun is to hire a basic plan of unlimited networks of whatsapp. In some companies in the world it is allowed to have unlimited internet for 30 days only for whatsapp.
You can do the same, and the anonymity settings will be the same. An example that I show below is for you to have an idea of how to fill the fields of the app.



Request Method
injector Method
Query Method: selec ( Online Host, Keep-Alive, User-Agent)

Then touch generate, validate and finally save the payload

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using Anonytun Pro

Stealth Setting
Stheal Tunnel: On
Connection Protocol: (TCP, HTTP or SSL)
Connect via parente Proxy (Selec on)
Custom TCP/HTTP Headers (on)

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using Anonytun Pro

You can configure the anonytun application to have free internet as you want. (as long as you have a basic plan of active data).

Finally touch the connect button and the application will start to establish a connection via VPN

Airtel Free Internet Trick By Using Anonytun Pro

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using Tweakware

Airtel Free Internet trick 2018 by Using Tweakware is similar to other apps like anonytun pro and Psiphon handler. I will not talk about this application to have free internet in airtel. Tweakware is an excellent application that includes high quality servers.

I leave a video for you to configure Tweakware and thus have airtel free internet

Remove Port: Enable

Proxy Type: Dual Real Host

Proxy Server: (If this does not work for you, please try another)

Now Save the Settings and Connect it with default Internet settings.
You can also use Free Server like US Server is Giving High Speed in Browsing and Downloading.

As you can see in the video the application is very fast and easy to set up, It will take 15-20 Seconds to Connect with Server.
Finally, Your Device will be connected now you can access free internet 2018 with Tweakware.

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using Psiphon Pro


Psiphon pro the most popular tool on the web about internet free, For a long time this app is one of the most sought after by all users around the world. The programmers have modified the application to make it more comfortable and easier to use. There are many versions of Psiphon, I will mention some known ones:
Psiphon hander, Psiphon pro, Psiphon handler lite, Psiphon handler pro, psiphon black, Psiphon gold, Psiphon blue, etc.

But in this article we are only going to use the official application that is in Google play

How to configure Psiphon Handler for Airtel free internet

Configuring Psiphon pro is very easy, you only have to enter an active HTTP proxy. On the web you can find free proxy lists.

Visit this page to find an active proxy:

  1. Active; Connect through a proxy
  2. And configure the proxy that works best for you
  3. Remember to activate the default ariel APN
  4. It is not necessary to have credit the android mobile
  5. Works best in sim airtel 3G and 4G
  6. Psiphon pro is unlimited
  7. The app has the best vpn servers on the market

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using Psiphon Pro

Finally you just have to touch the connect button, wait a few minutes while Psiphon pro connects and you can enjoy unlimited Airtel free internet 2018. If you can not connect the application, change it and change the http proxy to another one. The most common errors are due to an expired HTTP proxy, or the host that does not correspond to the telephone company.

Airtel Free Internet trick by Using Psiphon Pro


Unlimited AIRTEL free internet 2018

The team will not be responsible for the use you give to all free internet methods. Remember that everything mentioned here is for educational purposes. If you misuse these applications it is at your own expense.

If you need to know more, about other free internet methods visit the following links that I will mention below:

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We say goodbye hoping that this article will be very helpful for everyone. Remember to visit us always to find out about the new methods for free internet in india.

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